Monday, May 5, 2014

Georgia Winter

We had an interesting winter here in Augusta.  On January 11th, we had a lockdown for a tornado watch.  It only lasted for several hours but we did have some heavy rain, wind and lightning.

On the night of January 28th, we received about 3 inches of snow which pretty much closed the city down on Wednesday, the 29th.  The kids were out of school from Tuesday to Thursday.  We were on lockdown all day Tuesday.


Elder Judson and Elder Newman couldn't resist.
On February 12th, we had an ice storm which took out our power for 36 hours and we were on lockdown again on Wednesday and part of Thursday.  All day Wednesday and during the night, we listened to what sounded like rifle shots as limbs broke and fell.

In the above 3 photos, you can see the pile of limbs getting larger and larger.
Elder Newman and Elder Webb made valentines while we were locked down.
These photos are of other areas in our apartment complex.

This picture was taken just south of the apartment complex.

The following 3 photos were taken near Augusta National Golf Course and there was a lot of damage in this area.   Their power was out for 4-5 days.

This photo was taken in Apple Valley in south Augusta.

On Saturday, February 15th, we donned the yellow 'Helping Hands' T shirts and helped with cleanup in Columbia County.


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