Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day

On Labor Day, we went with the Gowans (the military relations couple) to Aiken, SC for barbeque and a car show.  We were able to sample about 10 different types of barbeque along w/baked beans, coleslaw and potato salad.  They had about 20 old cars that were fun to see.

1939 Chevrolet.

Nice 427 Cobra.

A nice GTO.  Notice the 3 2-barrel carburetors on the 421.


Happenings at the Apartment

There are approximately 300 apartments in our complex.  We have a couple of ponds and, thus, a visit from some of the other residents.  They are perched on the rail of our apartment.

On most Sundays, we invite the missionaries in our district for dinner if they don't have invitations from other members.  This often leads to visiting, some singing or a testimony meeting.



24th of July

On July 20th, the Augusta ward had a pancake breakfast to celebrate the 24th.  It isn't a holiday in Georgia.  There was a pretty good turnout, but by the end, it was getting hot and humid.

Georgia Macon Mission

This is a picture of the Augusta Zone w/President and Sister Cottle, our new mission president and his wife.  They are standing in the middle of the group.  The zone has since been split.

On August 17th, Elder Neal L. Anderson was in Columbus, Georgia for a stake conference and authorized President Cottle to gather his missionaries from all over the mission for a special meeting.  We drove from Augusta to Columbus (almost 3 hours) and had a very spiritual meeting w/Elder Anderson.  He made sure he shook hands w/every missionary.  The missionaries loved it and so did we.  Then a 3 hour drive back to Augusta.  Long day but well worth it.

On the first transfer after moving to the Georgia Macon Mission, the three companionships in our district were split up.  Elders Meyer and Pack and Sister Lusk transferred and we received Elders Crist and Phillips and Sister Tevi.  Elder Crist is from Las Vegas, Elder Phillips is from Perth, Australia and Sister Tevi is from Texas.  Interestingly, her 'little' brother is playing football at the U. of U. and Jeremy and his boys met him at Fan Fest.  He told him his parents were serving with his sister in Georgia which surprised him.  Sister Tevi says he needs to shave the stuff off his chin.