Sunday, July 21, 2013


We took a couple of  pictures of families that we have gone with the Elders to help teach.  These families have been so fun to get to know and to see them get baptized has been a real pleasure.  We go to visit them often and continue to get to know them and their families better.  What great people!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

plantation time

Brittany came to visit on the 12th for a few days.  It only took her 6 hours to fly from Atlanta to Augusta which is normally a 30 minute flight.  Way to go, Delta!!

On the 13th, we visited Redcliffe Plantation with Brittany.  It was owned by John Hammond who coined the phrase "Cotton is King!!".  This was a small plantation that was used mainly for entertainment and had only about 50 slaves.  The mansion and 2 of the slave cabins are original.  The mansion was completed in 1858 (13,000 square feet) and was untouched during the Civil War.

Mom couldn't find her broom so we had to use umbrellas.