Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holly and Addalyn

Holly and Addy came to visit in early August.  While they were here, Addy decided we needed to rev up our apartment.  We showed them some of the sites and then, look out, they went shopping.

Here we are at Redcliffe Plantation again.





Couple of shots of Addy by the River Walk on the Savannah River.

The result of the shopping trips.
Of course, we had to stop at the Waffle House.  We couldn't get Addy to go inside, however.  If you wonder why, try googling 'Jim Gaffigan Waffle House' and you will get an idea of why.

The elders came over for ice cream on Sunday evening.  The two new elders are Elder Phillips (front left) from Perth, Australia and Elder Crist (back left) from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Elder Faleao is up to his usual antics.  We don't have a photo of Sister Tevi yet.  She is from Texas.



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